Bloom Where You Are Planted

Whether you are in the #OneWord movement, make your own New Year’s resolution, or not doing either of those, there is usually some moment of reflection and, maybe, dreaming as the new year approaches. I like choosing the one word that can guide me through the year, so I give it quite a bit of thought, attention, and I never refuse a bit of luck along the way. As I pondered this one, I was a bit stumped. I was uninspired. I was stymied, and then Christmas was right around the corner. What to do. What to do.

Don’t stop believin’

One evening, I sat in my old leather recliner and contemplated my One Word choices while staring at my Christmas tree. I love this season, and the decorations always fill my soul. It isn’t a happy time for everyone, I know, but no matter what it goes on in my life each year, I feel peaceful and happy when looking at Christmas decorations. So I studied my half lit and slightly leaning tree, and one ornament in particular drew my attention. It was given to me by my dear friend Lea Ann, the secretary in our building. Of all the words in the message, “Laughter Blooms Here,” my gaze settled on Blooms. Bloom. Verb. Hmmmm.

Hold on to that feelin’

The Sunday before Christmas had me busy directing the kids and youth in our Christmas program skit (which I also wrote), and I still hadn’t fully decided on my Word. My actors/actresses ranged in age from 3-17, and it actually turned out better than my fears, and better than my hopes. With a sigh of relief, I exchanged gifts with my best friends at church, and among all the lovely and thoughtful gifts, one sealed the deal on my One Word. The universe was clearly hitting me over the head with it. My friend, Robyn, also an elementary principal, gave me my favorite type of cup, and on it was this message: Bloom Where You Are Planted. There it was again. Bloom. Boom. My One Word.

Streetlights people

So I will. Bloom. I will make sure that I water and fertilize the seeds within me that have been planted. I will nurture them, and have faith that the sun will shine so that as opportunities appear, I will bloom. I will put on my gardening gloves (I can buy some), and plant seeds within my students as well. I will plant seeds wherever I go. I want all of us to grow, thrive, and then bloom. Let’s do this. Bloom Where You’re Planted.

Pick your word. Even if you don’t participate in the #OneWord movement, pick a word. Let it inspire you, encourage you, and at times, guide you. Pick a word that helps you do more than thrive. Bloom. Plant a seed. Water it. Feed it (AKA fill your bucket). Let it grow. You don’t have to tell anyone, but if you do want to share it with others, then check out the links below, as well as the hashtag #oneword2020 on Twitter.

Buncee’s OneWord2020 Board

Bookcamp PD’s Collection via Meredith Johnson

Heading titles are partial lyrics from Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey (perhaps the most popular karaoke song ever).

2 thoughts on “Bloom Where You Are Planted

  1. Laura, “bloom” is a be – YOU – ti – ful word! Thank you for sharing how you came to it! My word will always be “gratitude.” It gets me far. (And yes, I’ve sung that one at a karaoke thing on our bike trip in Michigan, ‘cuz so many of the bicyclists were “born and raised in South Detroit” – “down river…”) 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing how you “bloom” next year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Joy! Gratitude is a constant for me, as is blessed, which has family significance for me. Both or either would totally get you far. Smiling at you singing that!


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