If We Just Believe

Believe in what you feel inside

We teachers are often reminded by parents, students, colleagues, and administrators of all the things we’re not. And if we somehow skate by with feelings of competence locally, then there’s the visions of teaching and classroom perfection all over the internet and in our beloved PLNs (Professional Learning Networks). It’s easy to forget that the perfection we see posted is but a moment of that educator’s day. We have those moments too, though maybe we forget that in the hustle and bustle of own our day.

And give your dreams the wings to fly

Before we know it, the holidays are upon us. Those moments fly by, then the new year looms ahead, and we struggle with finding a One Word or a new year’s resolution that we might be able to live up to or actually keep. For once. Maybe. The new year hits the ground running as second semester begins. That fresh start soon turns into the ever looming storm cloud of state testing. As I ponder yet another cycle like the many before it, I realize that it isn’t just our students who need positive self talk training. It isn’t just our students who need to work on keeping negative talk and thoughts at bay. It isn’t just our students who need to be reminded of who we are, not what we’re not. They need it, yes. But so do educators. We are more than what I can write here, but it is a start.

You have everything you need

Say it with me. Say it outloud. Daily, frequently, and know it to be true.

I am an educator, and I am:

  • Enough, for my students, family, friends. I am enough.
  • Caring, because everyone has value and worth, including me. I get to know my students and invest in them, and I also remember my family and friends need me too.
  • Stronger than I think I am. I can face the challenges of today.
  • Creative, even though it may take me a while to think of things and even though I have to work hard (as Dave Burgess says, it isn’t supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to be worth it).
  • Prepared, because I have trained for this, studied, practiced, and I can do it.
  • Not alone. There are educators at my school and district who want me to succeed. There are teachers out there, all over the nation and world, who want to see me succeed, because when an educator succeeds, then their students do too, because that is how we measure success.
    • I can make learning fun, challenging, and long-lasting.
    • Other educators have my back, and I have theirs.
    • We are not alone.

If you just believe

Deep breath. Finish strong.

If you just believe

Heading titles are partial lyrics from the song, Believe, by Josh Groban.

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