Workshops & Presentations

Sketchnotes/Sketchnotes Graphic Organizers

This is a low tech, brain based, and creative strategy to help students remember content. Not artistic! No problem! This can be used with individuals who are struggling or with the entire class. In this session, you will learn what it is, why it works, how to use it in class, and how to scaffold it. But wait, there’s more! YOU will create your own while you learn! Warning: Some fun may be had while learning.
Target Audience: K-12, Classroom Teachers

Caption This: Deep Thinking Activities with Google Slides

Constantly searching for a new, fresh activity to help connect your students with your content? Time a factor? Do you look for things you can immediately implement without spending a lot of time preparing that are relatively quick activities for your students? If that sounds like you, then this session has you covered! See how Matt Miller, of Ditch That Textbook,  and I developed Caption This! Learn how to create and use 4+ activities that are similar, involve different levels of thinking, and will keep your students engaged! (Google Slides magic found here!)
Target Audience: 3-12, Special Education, Classroom Teachers

Train Like A Navy Seal: Positive Thinking & SEL

When the Navy needed more SEALs, but didn’t want to lower their standards, they developed a mental-toughness program, the Big Four, in which the candidates learned to develop essential skills, including: positive self-talk, deep breathing, visualization, and goal setting. This session will explore my system, adapted from the Navy’s, and other SEL strategies to help students succeed. If you are new to #SEL, then this is the session for you. Target Audience: K-12, Special Education, Classroom Teachers

BookSnaps: Get Students Diggin’ Your Content: Variety is Key!

Tapping into the engagement power of Snapchat, BookSnaps, created by Tara Martin, KS, and future author for Dave Burgess Consulting, combines the fun element of using clipart, Bitmojis (avatars), and pictures of the current book/story/textbook pages to create commentary on the selected text/problem/artwork/equation. Leave this session knowing how to create BookSnaps with Snapchat and other apps, how to use BookSnaps in lessons with students, and have a basic understanding of the brain science behind why this activity is effective for engagement and learning.
Target Audience: K-12, Special Education, Classroom Teachers

Riding the Wakelet Wave!: One tool that empowers us to collaborate, currate, and create.

Ride The Wakelet Wave will introduce participants to the power and flexibility of Wakelet, a free online and app platform for curation, exploration, collaboration, and more tool. Wakelet was created to make it easier to take control of the online content that interests, inspires, and excites us. Now Wakelet can empower students and teachers to curate content in a stunning, useful and more personal way. Wakelet’s three privacy settings (private-default, unlisted-can share link but otherwise not public, and public) offer flexibility in how the content we and our students create is used and shared. The ways to use Wakelet are limited only by our own ideas. I will share some ideas that will empower teachers and students and spark creativity & collaboration.
Target Audience: 3-12, Special Education, Classroom Teachers

Rockin’ Your PD/Lessons Experiences

Create an amazing experience for teachers during professional development OR students in the classroom. Let’s go ROGUE Four O’Clock Faculty-style and Teach Like a Pirate! We’ll break it down into practical steps, transporting you into a Movie Theater of learning! Participants leaving this session will know how to produce a learning experience for staff and/or students with just a bit of effort and a few supplies.

Other Sessions

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