Buncee Activities Aligned with SEL Competencies

Check out my white paper on the Buncee blog about using Buncee activities to teach and practice SEL CASEL competencies.

A Snippet of my Post:

There are a lot of buzzwords in education right now, and some represent passing fads of the latest and greatest, but others are research-backed, proven, and here to stay. Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is one of those that has been proven to improve the academic performance of students, besides all of the other benefits it gives the students. One of the teaching practices that Missouri teachers may be evaluated on is their use of “strategies that promote social competence” in students (See Missouri’s Network for Educator Effectiveness). As stated on the Network for Educator Effectiveness (NEE) website, “NEE focuses on teaching practices that research shows have a large effect size.  For example, promoting students’ social skills has a powerful effect on student learning. So does promoting critical thinking. These are two of the teaching practices NEE emphasizes.” Other states have evaluation systems that also look at the social development of students as being a natural part of everyday teaching. In The Iowa Model Educator Evaluation System 8, their standard one contains “Creates an environment of mutual respect, rapport, and fairness,” which is a product of a class that focuses on SEL and prosocial practices. 

Read more on the Buncee blog to discover all of the power in building SEL competencies and how Buncee can help you do that!

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