4 Tips for a Fun Family Staycation

Guest post by Laura Steinbrink — Educator, Communications Director, Technology Coach, and Author of https://rockntheboat.com/

Here is the article I wrote for the Parent Square Learning Network. Click the link below the excerpt to view the full article on the Parent Square website.

As educators, we know how important family is to student success, and having been remote learning at home for three months, a summer at home feels the same as school — the role of parents as teachers may have even strained the family dynamic a bit.

Even if you can’t go on a big vacation, we know students and families need renewal, change, and to just recharge after a tough end to the school year. Now that thoughts of vacation for many of us have bubbled to the surface, we face another challenge.

The current pandemic has put a damper on vacation plans for many, but there are always those summers or that year where a vacation just isn’t possible, for whatever reason. This does not have to be the end of the world, though — for teachers, parents or children.

We all need a vacation, now more than ever, but how can we pull it off so that the whole family can feel that vacation vibe? If we examine what makes a vacation fun for the whole family, four ingredients emerge as essential for parents and children to get that fun vacay feel without the vacay. In my house, we call it, “Family Fun Day.”

For the full article, click here: 4 Tips for a Fun Family Staycation

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