#KidsDeserveIt: Building Bridges Not Barriers

I recently moderated the #KidsDeserveIt chat (September 12th), and if you have never participated in a chat that I’ve led, then let me explain my process. As a big fan of the Marvel Comics (now coming to life on the big screen), I pick the most recent one that I haven’t used in a chat at that time, create questions and theme for the chat based around quotes from the movie, and tie all of it into a big educational bow. The chat was so full of amazing resources, that I thought it would be great to feature the first question and its responses here for my weekly post. The question was a popular one among educators on Twitter this week, and it is definitely an important one for use to consider daily. If you missed it, it’s not too late to check things out. Just follow the hashtag on Twitter, make sure you select Latest, and then scroll down until you hit Wednesday’s chat questions and answers. Another way is to use Tweetdeck and use the columns to search #KidsDeserveIt Q1, #KidsDeserveIt A1, and so forth. If you just want to hit the highlights, then here we go with question one and some responses!

#kidsdeserveit Q1

The following are just some of the many amazing answers given for question one of the #KidsDeserveIt chat:

So as I go about my week, this week and every week going forward, I will look for ways that I personally can build bridges with my staff (and students) instead of throwing up barriers. It is definitely something that we can’t just do once and call it done. We are humans, so this is an ongoing struggle. Join me. Build bridges with colleagues, parents, students, administrators. Once we get one bridge built, let’s study our surroundings and decide where the next one should go. My plan is to start with where I see the greatest need and go from there. Sometimes I believe there’s already a bridge between myself and a colleague or student, only to find out that it was a barrier instead. I will now be ever vigilant, watching for opportunities to knock down barriers and put up a bridge. Our relationships with other staff members does affect our students. Our ability to work with others, to learn, grow, and do is largely dependent upon our bridge building skills. Been a while since you picked up a metaphorical hammer? Now’s the time. Grab the hammer and any other tool you need to destroy the barriers and build those bridges because #KidsDeserveIt.

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