Meet Laura Steinbrink

Hi. I’m a lead high school teacher who brings in new technology and teaching ideas to my school and district. I facilitate educational workshops focused on the integration of research-based, innovative, instructional practices at the local, state, and national level. I teach 4 subjects within the English/technology fields, 1 period of tech integration for grades PK-12, and I am the assistant softball and volleyball coach. I am on every committee at my school known to exist (with the exception of one or two, maybe), and I’m the yearbook adviser, Communications Director and Webmaster for my district.  As yearbook adviser, I teach a bit of basic photography and love taking my own pictures, which I feature here. I use as much of my own content as possible.

In my spare time, I sing in a contemporary Christian band ONE, am a member of the praise team at my church, and I follow my 7th grade athletic son around to games or meets in multiple sports. When my musically talented college kid comes home for the occasional weekend, I hang out with her too. My maiden name is Ingalls, so I’m also a first cousin (three times removed) from Laura Ingalls Wilder, which means that writing is fun and perhaps a must in my family.

I spend a lot of my time helping other teachers in my own district, in districts where I’ve previously taught, and friends of mine in districts all over (thanks to conferences, Voxer and Twitter). I spend so much time helping others that I thought writing a blog might be useful. If I can lighten your load even a little, then my blog has served its purpose. And maybe, just maybe, the reflection and thought I put into the posts will also lighten my own load.